Replace Hazelwood with 100% renewable energy

A statement from the Climate Emergency Network and other campaigners for circulation within the climate movement

100% renewable energy

Sign on statement:

The undersigned groups and individual climate campaigners support an inclusive campaign to urgently Replace Hazelwood with 100% renewable energy, including baseload solar thermal energy (as presented in the Beyond Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon Australia 2020 report).

The undersigned:

  • strongly support the Replace Hazelwood campaign;
  • support using renewable energy sources and increased efficiency to replace 100% of energy currently supplied by Hazelwood;
  • particularly support the use of proven baseload Solar Thermal technology; and
  • reject the use of fossil gas as an alternative fossil fuel.

When CEN members and other groups who support this statement use the Replace Hazelwood campaign logo, we will make it clear in our statements that Hazelwood must be replaced with unequivocally clean renewable energy by inclusion of wording such as “with 100% renewable energy”. The undersigned urge others who support this position to do likewise.

Send an email with your Individual or Group details to: to be added to the sign on statement. We will be updating the list on the website.

Signed by 14 CEN member groups: Beyond Zero Emissions, C Level Carbon Offsets, Melbourne Girls College Sustainability Collective, Locals Into Victoria’s Environment, Climate Change Our Future, Ararat Greenhouse Action Group Inc, The Victorian Climate Action Calendar, Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association, Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, Greenleap Strategic Institute, Sustainability in Stonnington, Inner Northwest Climate Change Community, Riddells Creek Sustainability & Yarra Valley Climate Action Group

 and 16 individuals.

Climate Emergency Network Facilitation Committee: Philip Sutton, Carol Ride, Jane Morton, Fiona Armstrong, Steve Meacher, Ben Courtice, Gisele Wilkinson, Ursula Alquier, Chris Breen & Hans Baer.(updated on 29/07/2010)